Motor Factors Carlow

Introducing John Kenny Motor Factors Online

Online sales from the automotive industry has become massive in recent years. As the motor industry has evolved and vehicles have become more sophisticated, customers needs have also accelerated with these demands.

It comes as no surprise that customers seek top-notch suppliers when it comes to car parts and power tools. We all know that finding a reliable supplier can be bothersome, and sometimes, we end up dealing with unreliable merchants.

Since 2009, John Kenny Motor Factors have established themselves as leaders in providing customer satisfaction and motor factor supply parts. In 2018, the company joined the FG7 (Factor Group 7) buying group that ensures quality and trustworthy car parts, as well as tools supplies from the best brands at great prices.

At John Kenny Motor Factors, we are aware of the importance of good quality products, and why the FG7 group support is key. We have consistently offered a wide range of car parts and tools that encourages us to constantly improve our business. An exceptional customer experience is key to gain trust. That’s why at John Kenny Motor Factors, we help customers save not only money but also their valuable time.

Transitioning from a traditional brick-and-mortar business to an online store was an essential step forward for us. We have built an eCommerce platform that offers the best online shopping experience and we will continue to do it by keeping our customers at the forefront of our sales and marketing efforts. We guarantee to stock the latest innovations in car parts and power tools from all the top brands in the industry.

Our next big step forward will be moving to a 9000 sq feet unit in Early 2021 located in Carlow town, with two floors to hold even more brands and stock for our customers. Stay tuned!