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 White PTFE Tape 12 mm x 12 m x 0.075 mm

  Also known as plumber's tape, this white thread seal tape from RS PRO is typically used for sealing threaded pipe joints. It also acts as a deformable filler and thread lubricant, helping to seal joints without hardening while also making it easier to screw and unscrew them. The tape comes wound on a spool, making it easy to wind around pipe threads. Made from chemically inert PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), this non-adhesive tape is suitable for use in harsh environments where acids, gases and solvents may be present. The PTFE tape doesn't harden and comes with a cover to protect it when not in use. As part of the RS PRO series, it's been strictly tested for quality and consistency. When used correctly, this tape prevents the loss of pressure in fluid flow to ensure maximum efficiency of pressurized water systems, central heating systems and air compression equipment.

4CR 7300 Devilbiss Gti Pro Lite Spray Gun Set 1.2mm Nozzle TE10 Air Cap

4CR 7300 Devilbiss Gti Pro Lite Spray Gun Set, 1.2mm Nozzle, TE10 Air Cap

Air Brush Kit Gravity Feed

• Metal body construction with built-in gravity feed pot. • Double-action trigger providing precision control of paint flow. • Supplied with 0.3mm nozzle. • Includes alternative 0.2 and 0.5mm set-ups, 1.8m small-bore hose, adjustment spanner and pipette. • Supplied in storage case.

Air Brush Kit Professional without Propellant

• Metal body with suction bottle or thimble feed options. • Paint delivery controlled on single thumb screw. • Supplied with 0.35mm nozzle. • Includes two 22cc glass pots, one 5cc metal cup, 1.6m small-bore hose, 1/4" reduction nipple, spanner and hanging bracket. • Supplied in storage case.

Air Coupling Kit 110pc

• Contains a popular selection of air line couplings, hose connections and adaptors. • Ideal for air supply system maintenance and service engineers, as well as van and countertop sales. • Supplied in a nine compartment composite storage case, for easy selection.

Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator – High Flow

• Suitable for most workshop air supply set-ups. • Die-cast control heads with clear polycarbonate bowls. • Regulator assembly features locking control knob for presetting air pressure and large, easy-to-read pressure gauge. • Filter is fitted with automatic drain tap. • Lubricator includes oil/air mix control and sight glass. • Filter and lubricator are fitted with metal bowl cages for protection. • Supplied with wall bracket.

Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Max Airflow 105cfm

• Suitable for industrial workshop air supply set-ups where high volume applications are required. • Regulator assembly features locking control knob for presetting air pressure. • State-of-the-art easy-to-read pressure gauge. • Manual drain facility with female 1/8"BSP outlet. • Lubricator includes oil/air mix control and sight glass. • Filter and lubricator are both fitted with metal bowl cages for protection. • Supplied with wall bracket.

Air Hose 10m x Ø8mm Hybrid High Visibility with 1/4″BSP Unions

• PVC and rubber blend offers more flexibility in temperatures as low as -40°C. • High visibility for added safety around the workplace. • No memory recoil effect allows the airline to lay flat. • Manufactured in accordance with EN 5774. • Features high grade TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) inner tube and outer coating, offering lightweight, superior bend radius and durability. • Fitted with 1/4"BSP female swivel unions. • Silicon-free for use in bodyshops

Air Hose Reel Auto-Rewind Control 30m Ø10mm ID – Rubber Hose

• Composite housing with heavy-duty wall mounting swivel bracket. • Fitted with high quality rubber hose. • Innovative design features three key points. • Hose can be extended and stopped at any length. • Controlled, slow rewind which, unlike traditional retractable reels, returns the air hose at a safe speed. • Auto-layering mechanism distributes air hose evenly back into reel housing preventing it from jamming. • Suitable for professional garages/workshops.

Air Operated Wax Injector Kit

• Designed for the application of wax rust inhibitor. • Supplied with a selection of lances to enable the wax to be sprayed into body cavities through small access points.

Air Tool Coupling Kit 3pc 1/4″BSP

• Free airflow rate at 100psi(7bar): 35-43cfm(991-1218L/min). • Kit comprising of male threaded coupling body together with male and female threaded adaptors. • Fitted with 1/4"BSP threads. • Manufactured in the UK. • Ideal for workshop/engineering use with all types of wrenches, sanders and grinders.

Airflow Coupling Female Thread Rp 1/4 / AC21CF

The Airflow Coupling is the original quick release "PCL" with around 75 years of design enhancement. This product, along with the Standard Adaptor, is still manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standards, with the "Made in Sheffield" Airflow series now a benchmark in the UK for quality and reliability. Suitable for most compressed air applications - particularly fixed applications where the coupling is used over a workbench and a single action is preferred.