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2-Stroke Motor Oil, self-mixing 250ml

High-grade, semi-synthetic 2-stroke motor oil for use in all 2-stroke engines. Assures reliable operation of the engine and maximizes the operating life. Self-mixing. Selected mineral and synthetic base oils in combination with state-of-the-art additive technology permit residue-free combustion to keep the engine clean. The engine is optimally protected against wear.
For separate and mixture lubrication in motorcycles, mopeds, lawnmowers, chainsaws and emergency power units. Mixing ratio up to 1:50.


For mixture lubrication, pour contents of can into fuel tank. Add fuel according to mixing ratio and mixing will follow automatically. For separate lubrication, pour the contents of the can into the oil tank. Oil is mixed with fuel via the metering device.

5 in One Multi Lubricant

Original price was: €7.95.Current price is: €6.50.
This advanced formula cleans, lubricates and penetrates tough built up deposits. It also displaces moisture to prevent rust and protect electrical systems.

Air-Con Refresh

Original price was: €6.95.Current price is: €4.95.
Power Maxed Air-Con refresh is a powerful anti-bacterial air conditioning refresh product designed to destroy contaminants, kill bacteria and completely cleanse the air conditioning system of any vehicle. easy to use and proven to kill a broad range of bacteria, fungus and yeasts while leaving a pleasant citrus and long lasting aroma.
  • BS EN 1276 Certified, kills 99.99% of Bacteria, Fungus and Yeasts
  • Made in the UK

Brake Cleaner 500ml

Original price was: €6.95.Current price is: €5.00.
Improves brake performance by removing brake dust, dirt and motoring grime from braking parts and clutches and restoring friction of brake & clutch lining material. Can be applied without disassembling the braking system to save time!

Brunox Turbo Spray (500ml) Gun Oil

Original price was: €12.95.Current price is: €9.95.
BRUNOX TURBO-SPRAY 5 function - spray with Turboline • maintenance • cleaning • repair works • production • storage • transportation of machines, precision tools, semi-finished and finished products, vehicles, plants and electrical instruments of all kinds BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray®, the only multi-function-spray with the additive TUROBLINE which guarantees a high capillary effect and the best coverage (100 – 120 m2/l). BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® is sprayed on to metal surfaces, displaces water and provides protection against humidity and aggressive environmental influences such as acid atmospheres, chimney gas-steams etc.. By applying BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® an invisible, compact 1 – 2 my thick non-hardening anti-corrosive film is formed, providing reliable protection. BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® can be removed without difficulty with cleaning materials (tensides)

Carb Cleaner 500ml

Original price was: €8.95.Current price is: €5.95.
A strong solvent cleaner in an aerosol designed to eliminate dirt and deposits in the air intake manifold, the throttle valve and on the visible carburetor parts without the need for disassembly.

Chain Lubricant & Wax

Original price was: €10.95.Current price is: €9.50.
This powerful, non-corrosive lubricant penetrates and lubricates rusted and inaccessible parts for long lasting, all year round protection. Ideal for rusty or stiff bike parts.

Clear Grease 500ml

Original price was: €8.95.Current price is: €6.50.
Ideal for lubricating chains, cables, linkages, locks, hinges and those hard to reach areas. Dispensed from a convenient and efficient aerosol, with a controlled application of penetrating spray which forms a long lasting barrier of protective grease.

Copper Grease 500ml

Original price was: €9.95.Current price is: €6.95.
Protect metal from corrosion, water, heat and acid. This powerful lubricant, which contains an anti-seize compound can be used to help prevent disc break squeal and also protects battery terminals from corrosion.

Diesel Turbo Cleaner KIT / POWERMAXED

The Power Maxed Diesel Turbo Cleaner Kit is an excellent solution for thoroughly cleansing the inside of diesel turbo systems, removing carbon deposits, and improving performance and / or reversing the limping of a heavily carbon-coated turbo

Electrical Cleaner

Original price was: €8.95.Current price is: €5.95.
Ideal for cleaning ignition components and other precision parts. It removes tarnish, dirt, grease, dust, oil and other deposits, preventing arcing between dry contacts.


Original price was: €14.87.Current price is: €8.95.

Elring Dirko HT Sealing Compound70ml

Dirko HT Sealing Compound (red), permanently elastic silicone sealant, (temperature-resistant from -50°C to +280°C, or +315°C for short periods): Reliable, universal sealing performance - also when components are subject to movement. Apply to surfaces, gaps (up to approx. 2 mm) or hairline cracks. The seal forms quickly. Outstanding adhesive strength, particularly on metals. No additional sealing required between components. Leaks can be sealed externally without time-consuming disassembly of components. Resistant to ozone, extreme weather conditions, hot and cold water, seawater, greases and mineral oils (incl. additives), aliphatic hydrocarbons and detergents. Also withstands weak acids and alkalis, and numerous chemicals. Contains 70 ml

Caution. Causes serious eye irritation.

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