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Pressure Sprayer with Viton® Seals 1.5L

• Suitable for use with most brake cleaners, detergents, traffic film removers, penetrating oils and weed killers. • Viton® seals allow use with a wide range of semi volatile chemicals that would deteriorate standard seals. • Adjustable nozzle enables a mist to jet pattern, which allows an easy and direct application of liquid exactly where it is required. • Robust composite construction with a 1.5L capacity container.

Sealey Brake Piston Wind-Back Tool Kit 21pc / Model No. VS0282

• Suitable for push-back and wind-back brake pistons. • Includes left and right-handed thrust bolt assemblies, reaction plate, hex bits and adaptors and includes the 3-pin VAG adaptor. • Supplied in storage case.