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Crane 1tonne Long Reach Extendable Legs

• Delivered in knock-down form for reduced freight cost. • Heavy-duty front and rear castors are on extendable legs to give improved stability, particularly when operating at maximum jib extension of 1500mm. • Side pump access with removable handle.

Exhaust Support Stand 750kg Capacity

• Screw adjustment with easy-to-use spinner nut. • Ball bearing thrust race for smooth operation. • Removable base for easier storage. • Adjustable over a 668mm range.

Fixed Frame Crane 3tonne / Super H/Duty

• Lifts 3000kg at 1200mm jib extension. • Heavy-duty castors. • Perfect for heavy commercial, industrial and workshop use. • Extendable heavy-duty legs for improved stability, particularly when operating at maximum jib extensions. • Pump access from side for safe handling of heavy loads. • Delivered in knock-down form for reduced freight cost. • Some self-assembly required.

Folding Crane 1tonne ‘KD’ Type

• Low entry engine crane with a height of only 80mm at the wheels. • Fast folding for easy storage and transportation. • Heavy-duty nylon castors. • Features 270° rotating pump with a lift control system and a dead man's load release for safety.

Folding Crane 2tonne

• Lifts 2000kg at 930mm jib extension. • Folds for easy storage, freeing valuable workshop space when not in use. • Bottle jack type hydraulic unit for economy. • Some self-assembly required.

High Level Commercial Vehicle Support Stand 5tonne

• Heavy-duty 5tonne high level support stand. • Safely supports vehicles when wheel free operations are being carried out. • Independently UK load tested. • Sturdy welded steel construction for superior safety and strength. • Three types of large interchangeable crutches for good load distribution. • Supplied with captive pin load support. • Fitted with retracting castors for easy manoeuvrability. • Suitable for commercial and public service vehicles. • Sold as singles, but MUST be used in pairs, or multiples of.

High Level Supplementary Support Stand 4tonne Capacity

• All steel stand with pin and chain load support and full width crutches for safe support of load. • Designed to support part of a vehicle that is being used on a lift where free access is required. • Stands also help prevent the tipping/rocking of the vehicle. • Note: These stands should not be used to support a vehicle on their own. Sold as singles, but MUST be used in pairs.

Portable Gantry Crane Adjustable 1tonne Combo

• All steel construction. • Four swivel locking castors. • 'I' beam cross member for added strength. • Ideal for maintenance, manufacturing, repairs and other material-handling tasks. • Quick assembly and disassembly for easy transport within a workplace or from site to site. Package includes: • SG1000 - Portable Gantry Crane Adjustable 1tonne • PT1000 - Trolley Plain 1tonne • CB1000 - Chain Block 1tonne 2.5m • You may also refer to the individual Model No. for full specification.