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Digital Tyre Inflator/Mini Air Compressor 12V / Model No. MAC04D

• Digital mini air compressor with delivery of 25L/min. • Will automatically inflate tyres to preset pressure without the need for fiddly gauges. • Air output hose features quick release coupling. • Suitable for inflating tyres on cars. • Supplied in a storage bag with 5m power cord with plug for use in vehicle accessory socket, 2m high pressure hose with screw-on connector and accessory kit including ball needle and adaptors for inflatables.


A comprehensive wheel servicing kit, consisting of a semi-automatic tyre changer with assist arm and wheel balancer. The semi-automatic tyre changer, capable of removing and replacing tyres on wheels up to 26” is fitted with an assist arm (also known as a third arm) to aid the user when changing low profile and run-flat tyres. The fully motorised turntable, pneumatically operated clamping jaws, powerful pneumatic bead breaker and tilt column enables the changing of low profile and run flat tyres quickly and easily. The self-centering four-jaw chuck, controlled by two clamping cylinders, always ensures wheel rims are correctly clamped. Alloy rims are treated particularly gently as the mounting head is provided with plastic protectors. The bead breaker is attached with a large anti-skid rubber pad, which preserves the tyres and rims.The semi automatic wheel balancer is supplied with a calibration weight and able to balance wheels up to 65kg, 24” in diameter and with an accuracy of 1 gram. Suitable for passenger and LGV wheel/tyre combinations. Both machines are operated with standard 13 amp plugs and supplied with the following accessories: 4 x centering cones, centering shaft, wheel weight pliers, hub nut and rim width calipers, tyre lever, filter regulator lubricator to connect your compressed air supply, alloy rim protectors, head tongue protectors and inflation gun and air hose.  

STOCK NO: 02152      PART NO: TC200/WB200