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13535 SOLDER WIRE 250g 1,5 mm, FF GROUP



4CR 7300 Devilbiss Gti Pro Lite Spray Gun Set 1.2mm Nozzle TE10 Air Cap

Original price was: €598.95.Current price is: €450.00.
4CR 7300 Devilbiss Gti Pro Lite Spray Gun Set, 1.2mm Nozzle, TE10 Air Cap

4CR 9050 Cleaning kit – for spray guns, 1 piece

The kit consists of oil, various brushes and needles for cleaning spray guns.

4CR 9100 Rotating Spray Stand

Original price was: €309.95.Current price is: €229.95.

4CR 9100 Polishing stand - standard, rotatable, 1 piece

4CR 9150 X-stand – standard, 70 x 116 cm, 1 piece 9150.0001

For machining X-stands, hoods and similar workpieces. Height adjustable.


4CR 9500 Dust Extractor Wet and Dry 9500.3600

Original price was: €589.95.Current price is: €429.95.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - Wet & Dry (9500)

4CR Polishing Machines 5 29/32in Pad 8600

Original price was: €189.95.Current price is: €139.95.
4CR polisher 150 mm pad 8600.0175 1200-Watt polisher with strong draughts, speed (1000-3300 rpm) and two grip variants. Perfect cooling of the polisher is highly resilient. Grip guard and balanced weight distribution ensure optimal handling. Incl. 150 mm pad

Air Brush Kit Gravity Feed

• Metal body construction with built-in gravity feed pot. • Double-action trigger providing precision control of paint flow. • Supplied with 0.3mm nozzle. • Includes alternative 0.2 and 0.5mm set-ups, 1.8m small-bore hose, adjustment spanner and pipette. • Supplied in storage case.

Air Brush Kit Professional without Propellant

• Metal body with suction bottle or thimble feed options. • Paint delivery controlled on single thumb screw. • Supplied with 0.35mm nozzle. • Includes two 22cc glass pots, one 5cc metal cup, 1.6m small-bore hose, 1/4" reduction nipple, spanner and hanging bracket. • Supplied in storage case.

Air Operated Wax Injector Kit

Original price was: €189.95.Current price is: €129.95.
• Designed for the application of wax rust inhibitor. • Supplied with a selection of lances to enable the wax to be sprayed into body cavities through small access points.

Air Suction Dent Puller – Plunger Type

• Versatile suction dent puller fitted with integral vacuum generator/indicator. • Retains a firm hold of the panel while the slide hammer is used to ease out dents and depressions - without damage to the painted finish. • Ideal for initial panel reshaping. • Supplied with Ø75, 100 and 125mm suction pads and hook.

Alloy Wheel Repair/Painting Stand – 4 Wheel Capacity

Original price was: €216.76.Current price is: €199.95.
• Will take four alloy wheels and enable the user to rotate the wheels on cones so the wheels can be repaired or painted without the need to lift and reposition them. • Both supporting bars and cones have adjustable heights in order to have the most comfortable position for the user. • Fitted with four castors, two with brakes for maximum manoeuvrability and safe positioning.