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Assorted Cable Lugs | Qty:12 BLEP210

12 Piece Assorted Cable Lugs
  • 8mm | 35mm² | Qty:2
  • 10mm | 35mm² | Qty:2
  • 12mm | 35mm² | Qty:2
  • 8mm | 50mm² | Qty:2
  • 10mm | 50mm² | Qty:2
  • 10mm | 70mm² | Qty:2

Automotive Cable Thick Wall 5A 7m Black

• Thick wall single core PVC coated automotive cable.

Bulb 9W/230V SMD LED 6500K B22 Bayonet Cap – White Light

• Economical SMD LED bulb. • B22 Bayonet cap fitting. • Ideal as a more energy efficient direct replacement for existing halogen or filament bulbs. • 6500K White light; suitable for workshops, kitchens, bathrooms and offices. • 9W SMD LED bulb, equivalent to traditional 90W incandescent bulbs. • 810 Lumen output. • Thermal plastic cover for added protection. • Immediate maximum brightness, unlike other energy saving bulbs. • Produces substantially less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs. • 30,000 hours working life. • Not suitable for use with dimmer switches.

Rechargeable Floodlight/Inspection Lamp Docking Station Kit

• Docking station kit includes 2 x LED1801 and charging station. • Each inspection lamp has 12 x SMD LEDs (side) + 1 x SMD LED (top) producing up to 500 lumens. • When docked, lights can be charged or used as a floodlight. • Each inspection lamp can extend and is able to rotate 180° making it easy to direct the light. • Two charging points with individual LED charging level indicators. • Includes 5V-2A mains adaptor and 1m USB charging cable.

Sealey Rechargeable Head Torch 5W CREE XPG LED Auto-Sensor HT108LED

49.95 34.95
• Hands-free 5W CREE LED spotlight with adjustable inclination to direct light as required. • Lumen Output (High/Low): 360/100lm. • Two Outputs: 100% and 30%. • Auto-sensor to switch on/off just by waving hand in front. • Alternatively can be overridden to stay on/off by push-button. • Adjustable headband. • Powered by rechargeable 3.7V 2Ah Lithium-ion battery. • Supplied with micro USB charging lead.

Sealey Rechargeable Inspection Lamp 8W COB + 1W LED / Model No. LED1001

• Smooth 90° flex with additional 360° twist function enables the light source to be positioned in any direction. • Super bright 8W COB LED provides up to 1000 lumens output with 120° spread of light, illuminating the whole work area. • Includes an additional high power 1W LED directional torch. • Features a swivel hanging hook and rubber covered magnet on the base, which allow hands-free operation. • Two high quality 2.6Ah Lithium-ion batteries for longer life, no memory effect and a much slower discharge than traditional Ni-MH batteries. • Micro USB charging port. • Supplied with USB cable.