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12N 7 Pin Metal Plug

The A0006 is a heavy-duty metal plug for 12N towing electrics. Seven pin plug.

12N 7 Pin Plastic Socket

The Ring A0008 is a 12N seven pin plastic socket suitable for 12N towing electrics. For 12V vehicles - ideal for trailers, caravans and horseboxes.  
  • 12N seven pin socket
  • Lightweight plastic construction
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
51 x 71 x 72

12N Metal Socket

A0005 is a 12N seven pin socket suitable for 12N towing electrics. With a heavy duty metal case for extra protection, the A0005 also has an extra eighth connection for rear fog light cut out. Ideal for horseboxes, caravans and trailers.

12N Smart Logic Bypass Relay RCT485

The Ring RCT485 is a 12N smart logic bypass relay that enables 12N towing electrics to be wired to towing vehicles with multiplex and CANbus wiring systems. Includes an audible warning buzzer.  
  • 12N smart logic bypass relay
  • Allows 12N electrics to be wired to vehicles with multiplex and CANbus systems
  • Includes warning buzzer

12N/S Socket Assembly with fog cut out 12V DC



  The Ring RSA490 is a 12N and 12S sockets, suitable for connection to trailers/caravans with 12N and 12S plugs. Pre-wired with 2 metres of 12N and 12S cable, and mounted on a mounting plate for quick and easy fitment to the towing vehicle, it also includes an eighth connection for use as a fog cut out facility when towing a caravan. Comes complete with rubber grommets and connectors.

60A trolley charger / Ideal for START/STOP vehicles



  60A automatic trolley smart battery charger, with 540A jump starter. Suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles and mixed battery types in cars and commercial vehicles, including those with START/STOP batteries. Ideal for intensive use with fleets of mixed vehicles including cars, LCV and HGVs, plus in commercial garages and workshops. Features three stage smart charge technology, which optimises battery performance and improves the ability to hold charge. The 540A jump starter quickly revives flat batteries. The easy to view LED display shows voltage, current and the charge mode selected. Easy to pick the correct charge mode and review charging performance. Includes thermal and overload protection. The rugged metal casing and design makes it able to withstand tough workshop conditions, whilst also easy to move to where it's needed.

90º Washer Tube Connector 4.7mm



  The Ring RWC2 is a 90º corner washer tube connector. 4.7mm.  
  • 90º corner washer connector tube
  • 4.7mm

Amber Side Marker Reflector Twin Pack



  The Ring RCT570 is a twin pack of amber side marker reflectors. Suitable to make the side of any larger vehicle or trailer more visible. Easy to install. E approved.

Black Number Plate Lamp (NON LED)



  The Ring RCT776 is a black number plate lamp, suitable for 12V vehicles. Ideal for vehicles, trailers or trailer boards.  Comes complete with fitted E approved bulb.

Black Plastic Towball Cover



  The Ring RCT700 is a towball cover suitable for all 50mm towballs and protects the towball when it is not in use.

Black PVC Towball Boot



  The Ring RCT750 is a black PVC towball cover that is suitable for all 50mm towballs. It protects the towball and towball bolts when not in use.

Chrome Finish Towball Cover



  The Ring RCT720 is a towball cover for your 50mm towball when not in use. Made from durable plastic.